Every now and then we come across a Quickbooks Desktop user who’s computer has crashed or their company file has been damaged and they are trying to recover it. Trust me when I say this , that is a very tough situation to be in when your financial data is out of your reach.

Here are our Top 3 reasons why you also should use Quickbooks Desktop Online Backup Software


1. Computer Crashes or Hard Drive Problems.


computer crash images for quickbooks


Probably the most convincing reason why you need a backup software for your Quickbooks is crashing computers or hard drive problems.Most Quickbooks users backup their software locally on their own computer and when Quickbooks automatically creates a backup you might feel that you’ve got every thing covered. But backing up your files locally is of no use if your computer crashes and you are unable to recover your Quickbooks Files (Backups).

If you have an Online Backup for your Quickbooks Like QB Secure which backs up your Quickbooks Files Daily, then even if your computer crash you can restore your Quickbooks Files from QB Secure Backup archives.


2. Quickbooks File Damage due to Unknown Reasons


quickbooks file error data damage


Another most common issue Quickbooks Desktop user face is Damaged Quickbooks (.QBW) Files. Although if your Quickbooks files are damaged you can recover the files from a most recent backup or .ADR File but you may not get the most recent data in your Quickbooks Files.

The reasons why a Quickbooks File can get damaged or corrupt are numerous and for most cases you have to send the damaged file to Intuit for Data Repair which can result in you paying minimum of $99 (approximate pricing subject to change by intuit) for data repair.

And data repair service by Intuit can take around 3-5 business days to return your file which can stall your business or at least cause interruptions. In such cases QB Secure is a smart choice as you don’t have to wait for Data Repair or recovery

QB Secure backs up your files daily so you can restore your Quickbooks File with minimum data loss Instantly.


3. Quickbooks File Versioning – Keeping Old Files for Review




QB Secure provides the ability to keep daily backups of your file on the cloud by this you can restore your old files if in case you did something wrong in the Quickbooks and it is too difficult to resolve. You can choose to which date you want to restore your Quickbooks Files. Most of the Quickbooks Accountants today stores old versions of Quickbooks file so they can restore old version whenever they want.

But with multiple company files versioning can be tedious and you have to keep track of versions your self. QB Secure solves this issue in an instant and without you doing anything. Just add Quickbooks File for Backup in QB Secure and it will version it automatically.


We have developed QB Secure keeping in mind all these things. You can Download QB Secure and secure your Quickbooks Company Files Today, it’s super easy to setup and tailored for Quickbooks Users.