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There are multiple reasons why your backup is getting failed. Here are some of the reasons & solutions for Backup Failure.

1.  Low Internet Upload Speed – QB Secure requires at least 20 kbps of upload speed to successfully upload your Quickbooks data to the cloud.

How to Fix – Contact Your Internet Service Provider and increase your upload speed. Recommended upload speed is 1 MBPS


2. Missing Components – QB Secure requires .NET Framework 4.6 and Microsoft Visual  C++ Redistributables 2017. Make sure these components are installed correctly, else contact our support.


How to Fix –  Go to Control Panel under Programs click on Uninstall a Program. Select .Net Framework 4.6 and click on Change or Repair.Follow the on screen instructions to complete the repair for .NET Framework 4.6. If .NET Framework 4.6 is not in the list you can download it from this link. Download .Net Framework 4.6


3. Temp Folder Permissions – If your temporary folder have insufficient permissions to write data to, then you might receive backup failure notifications in the QB Secure Console.

How to Fix –  Contact our Support team at 1-800-557-4110 to resolve this issue.

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