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  • You must have a subscription other than Free Plan. 
  • Your subscription is not expired for more than 6 months. (for inactive subscriptions of more than 6 months, backup files are automatically deleted)


Restoring a Quickbooks Backup File.

Step 1  : If you are installing QB Secure on a New Computer please follow Download & Install Instructions

Step 2 : If you want to restore backup on a computer QB Secure is installed on or have followed Step 1. Login & Configure QB Secure

Step 3 : If you have followed Step 1 & Step 2 , then click on the Restore Tab . Click on Show File to see the Backup Files by Date


restore files qb secure.
Click on Show Files to Show Files by Date


Step 3 : Select the Most Recent Backup or Select Backup by Custom date. Click on Restore File to being the restoration of the Company File.


Select Restore Option by Date, then click on Restore File


Step 4 : If you have not selected any restore location then QB Secure will ask to choose a restore location else your files will be restored to Default Backup Location.

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